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Valorant ESP/Aimbot | 3 Days



Player ESP(WH against Players)

  • Player ESP – ability to activate wh on enemy players
  • Boxes – show enemies with boxes
  • Skeleton – wh in the form of skeletons
  • Health Bar – an indicator showing the number of players’ HP
  • Agent – see agent name in wallhack
  • Weapon – allows you to see what weapon the enemy is holding
  • Ammo Count – the number of rounds in the clip of the opponents
  • Eye Direction – directions of views
  • Snaplines – esp in the form of lines to enemy models
  • Team Check – activate wallhack only on enemy players
  • Visible Check – characters in line of sight and behind walls will be highlighted in different colors

Aim Assist(Legitbot)

  • Aim Assist – the most legit version of the aimbot, lite aiming to the targets
  • Bone – selection of the body part that Aim will aim at
  • FOV – active zone setting for aimbot
  • Smooth – smoothing the movements of the aimbot, more value = slower and smoother the aimbot moves
  • RCS(Recoil Control System) – recoil control during aimbot operation
  • Aim Key – select a key to activate aiming
  • Draw FOV – show the work area of the aimbot as a circle around the crosshair
  • Draw Spot – show the point at which the cheat will be directed if you open fire from the current position of the sight

Misc(Radar and other features)

  • Radar Hack – adds a radar on top of the game window, the radar shows the players and the distance to them
  • Recoil Crosshair – recoil sight of the weapon, clearly shows where the bullets hit
  • Dropped Spike – the ability to see where the spike is if it is on the ground
  • Planted Spike – allows you to see the exact location of the spike after it is planted
  • Custom Colors – you can set the colors for the wh and radar to your taste


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