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Fortnite Cheat | 1 Day



Vector Aimbot – a vector aimbot simulates human mouse movements
Aimbot FOV – size of aimbot working area
Speed – aimbot movement speed
Bone – hitbox (body part) for aiming
Aim Key – key to activate the aimbot
Toggle Key – key to turn on/off aim
Line – shows the current target of the aimbot
Draw FOV – visually show the set FOV
Visible Check – aim only at targets in line of sight
Enemy Only – aim only at enemies
Chunks – defines the FOV shape (circle by default)

Player ESP(Wallhack)
Players ESP – wh against players
Box ESP – wh in the form of boxes
Name ESP – nicknapes of players
Distance – distance to targets
Skeleton – wh in the form of skeletons
Snapline – wh in the form of lines to targets
Weapon ESP – weapons in the hands of players
Render Distance – working range for ESP(WH)
ESP Thickness – thickness of ESP lines
Visible Check – different colors for visible and invisible ESP targets
Enemy Only – ESP only works against enemies
Outline ESP – a black outline of all ESP lines
Custom Colors – setting colors for WH

Misc Features
FOV Changer – increase viewing angle (field of view)
No Recoil – disable weapon recoil when firing
Double Pump – quick weapon change


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